8 Decks BJ Boss

8 Decks BJ Boss: Why Play Blackjack Online?

Blackjack it is perhaps the only casino game where the player's actions have a decisive effect on his odds of winning, cDo you know another gambling game where this is possible?

Even if you are not an experienced gamer, thanks to the new software 8 Decks BJ Boss you can reduce the house edge from 5% to 0.5%!

Thanks to this new software you will find that applying the correct strategy is very simple.

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8 Decks BJ Boss: what is it about?


Playing random blackjack hoping to hit 21 on each hand is definitely not a good idea, yet often during some online session you will immediately understand who is playing randomly, simply because they do not apply the basic strategy.

Since there are opportunities for improvement, never start playing without knowing which is the choice (for example whether to hit or stand) with the highest probability of winning, remember that if you play without having acquired this information, the dealer will have an advantage. at least 5%, so your chances of winning will be significantly reduced.

Precisely in this sense 8 Decks BJ Boss it can be the optimal solution, in the sense that it matches the best basic strategy for the Blackjack variant with 8 decks (by far the most widespread online) to a financial maneuver that the player can choose to try to contain the negative phases of the game, but always with the aim, remember well, to reach a Stopwin which must be absolutely set before starting any game session.

Win online with 8 Decks BJ Boss

This new software to win online Blackjack is very simple to use, let's put it this way: if you have never used a betting strategy before, using 8 Decks BJ Boss you can only improve your game and above all the frequency of your winning sessions.

First of all, I would like to highlight that by checking the item at the top right Stay on top you can conveniently keep the program superimposed on the game window, as you can also see in the presentation video on โ–บYouTube.

So once one is established Stopwin before starting the session, during the normal course of the game just follow the instructions in the table, optimized precisely to reduce the house advantage in the online Blackjack variant from 5% to 0,7%. 8 decks, where as you may not know, counting cards becomes useless due to the penetration of the shoe of just 50%.

The 4 game progressions

As you can see on the right of the program, you can choose to use one of the 4 financial maneuvers provided, designed to counter the most difficult game phases, that is when the dealer begins to win even if the player has 20, or to tie 21, cases as you will see not rare at all unfortunately.

The progressions provided (with the exception of the 2 Bread Win variants) provide for the possible increase in the stake only when the player wins the handThis is to try to exploit positive trends rather than counteracting negative ones.

The expected progressions are:

Bread Win 3: it is the classic Bread Winner, a maneuver well known especially by roulette players, where in reality it is applied in steps of 5, (as in the next variant). In practice, you always bet 1 unit, if you lose 3 units you move on to bet 2 units until you reset all the loss and win 1 unit, if you also lose 6 more units (2 x 3 = 6) you switch to betting 3 units and remain at that stake level until the negative balance is fully recovered. Unlike the classic 5-level variant (Bread Win 5), using only 3 levels allows for faster recoveries, although stakes can grow just as fast as well.

Bread Win 5: the classic Bread Winner, with the operation already described above.

Vs D'Alembert: as I wrote before these maneuvers try to take advantage of positive trends, so we play exactly the opposite of the classic D'Alembert, so we increase the bet by 1 unit for each shot won and decrease by 1 unit for each shot lost. Obviously, every time you get 1 unit of net win and you have recovered the overdraft, the count is reset. 

Oscar Grind: in some ways it is my favorite, but it comes down to personal tastes. The goal is obviously win 1 unit on every single attack. If after a bet the hand is won by the player then the attack is concluded, if instead the hand is lost you continue to play by betting 1 unit, but as soon as you win a hand you increase the stake by 1 unit, which always remains the same. level even for each lost hand. Basically if you win you increase your bet, if you lose you always bet the number of units bet on the previous shot. Obviously this progression is designed not to increase the bet too much in the negative phases and the interesting thing is that in any case even if you have to bet for example 5 units, but the attack balance is -2, the bet indicated by 8 Decks BJ Boss it will not be 5 units, but only 3, in ways that in the event of a win the attack is closed +1 unit, without risking to increase the negative balance too much and therefore the recovery in the event that the hand is instead won by the bank. 

The bets

Once you have selected the maneuver that best suits your style of play, just click on the buttons Win o Lost based on the outcome of the hand, 8 Decks BJ Boss will automatically show the number of units to aim for in the panel below (Next Bet U).

I remind you that since there is no mathematical advantage over the house, it is essential to set one Daily stopwin for example of 10 units, that if you play at tables of 5 euros (or dollars), it still means winning 50 euros a day and even imagining not to win every day, at the end of the month perhaps we will not be in the Caribbean, but not even in our underwear !