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How to cover bets in online betting

What is cover the stakes to online betting?

In technical jargon cover a bet it means making a second bet, called a 'cover bet', which somehow allows you to recover the amount wagered in case you do not guess the main result on which you have bet.

It is also referred to as a 'parachute' bet and is usually applied to cover a draw in the event that the home team you bet on as a favorite does not win the match, perhaps suffering a draw in injury time.

Why cover bets on online betting?

Good question. In fact, if you have already bet an amount on Juventus' home victory at 1,60 against, for example, a medium or low ranking team, why should you sacrifice a further share of the already contained win that you would eventually achieve?

In fact, if Juventus' victory is quoted at 1,60 by applying the formula to cover the draw I have already told you about ► here - which we imagine to be quoted 3,6 - if your main stake is for example 50 euros, you should bet an additional 19,23 euros to cover yourself in the event of a tie, or if unfortunately Juventus draws rather than winning, you recover both the 50 euros of the main bet (main bet) that the 19,23 euros of the cover bet (cover bet), and obviously you do not win anything.

If, on the contrary, you win the main bet, however from the winning you have to subtract the cost incurred to cover the tie and you might also think that perhaps, without complicating your life too much, it would be enough to bet the double chance 1-X at 1,11 and forget about it. .

Given that math is not an opinion and that if you pull the blanket on one side it systematically shortens on the other, if your betting strategy is based on the single result and you are good at these predictions, then you definitely protect your bet. it would guarantee a higher return on investment in case of winning than the classic bet on the double chance.

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Thanks to this software for online betting that I have entitled, not surprisingly Bet Shield, you will be able to obtain a whole series of data on the fly to make the best possible decision and cover your online betting bets in the best possible way.

Use Bet Shield to cover online bets

Let's see immediately how to use this software for online betting: in the fields Match Odds you have to enter the odds that the bookmaker offers for the final results 1-X-2.

In the fields below you have to select the Main Bet (main bet intended as a sign 1-X-2) and the Shield Bet (cover bet) and immediately afterwards enter the amount you intend to bet on the Main Bet (in the figure I have simulated 10 units).

Premendo il pulsating Calc you will immediately see how much to bet on the Shield Bet to cover yourself in the event of a non-winning outcome of your Main Bet.

In the Statistics panel you will find:

►Total Bet% Coverage: it would be the percentage of probability that you are overall hedging with your bets; in the example above it would be 58% of the sign 1 (Main Bet) plus 25% of the sign X, for a total of 83% of the possible cases.

These percentages Bet Shield calculates them net of the tax applied by the bookmaker, they should therefore represent the real odds of events.

►Net Units gain: how many units you get if you win the Main Bet.

►Net% gain: as above, but expressed as a percentage.

►Net Units loss / gain: it is equal to how much you collect or lose if you win the Shied Bet; this value should always be more or less equal to zero, because in fact if you win the secondary bet you do not win or lose anything.

Thanks to Bet Shield you will therefore be able to better manage your bets with coverage and, why not, also decide to cover bets other than a draw, if in fact, instead of betting on the 1 sign and covering yourself on the X sign, you want to change the order of the factors, you will realize that ... the result change!

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For example, imagine (same match as before) that you want to bet on the X sign and cover yourself on the 1 sign, as you see Bet Shield shows you how the coverage bet is decidedly higher (16,39 units against 3,57 in the previous case), but also the yield changes considerably, going from 18,64% to 43,99%!

Beat the dealer with Bet Shield

How to best use this online betting software? I do not allow myself to tell you how to play, I can only tell you what I would do: as I have already written ► in this post, in the absence of a real advantage and considering the time horizon in which we move (short time), the only way to really cause damage to the dealer is to play with winning progressions.

No matter what the selection is, the important thing is to play events with very high probability and put all the stakes back into play with each shot until a certain goal is reached (stop win).

Thanks to Bet Shield you can also calculate your bets during the match (live bets); comes into play for example when you see that you can cover more than 90% of the odds (Total Bet Coverage) while maintaining a 'Net% gain' greater than zero and repeat everything until you double the amount of the initial bet or a target that you set out.

This is a strategy that involves many small steps, but I assure you that all in all it is quite fun and after all never forget that a million euro is made up of 100 million cents! (which for the record correspond exactly to 230 tons of scrap metal).