Betting Probability Calculator 🎁

Betting Probability Calculator: how to calculate the real odds of winning online

How useful do you think it is for your wallet calculate the odds of winning online?

I would say that it is fundamental and the software Betting Probability Calculator it is good for any game, as it is a statistical calculator, thanks to which it is possible to calculate the royals chance statistics that an event on which you may have wagered money, could occur.

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Calculating the odds of winning: data entry

Use Betting Probability Calculator it is really simple and intuitive, you just have to insert it in the first box at the top Event P% the percentage of the event (to which we will return shortly) and in the other two fields (Hits and Tranche) how many times have you won (hits) or rather, how many times do you want to verify that it is possible to win on a tranche of n strokes, a value that you will enter in the box Tranche.

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In the field Simulations you will enter how many times you want your calculator to perform the test and pressing the key Calculated you will have the sortie percentage of this event.

Calculate the odds of winning: eexamples of calculation

Let's immediately give an example of how to calculate yours chance to win: first of all as regards the probability you have to enter, as already mentioned above, the percentage of the event you want to analyze.

If you are playing roulette, just enter the percentage that is calculated by dividing the numbers that make up the chance you want to analyze by 37 (French roulette) or 38 (American double zero roulette).

For example, if you are analyzing a simple chance such as red / black or even / odd, just with a normal calculator do 18 divided by 37 and multiply the result by 100.

You will enter this value in the first field Event P% (probability of the event).

Calculate the odds for French roulette

Simple chances: 18/37 = 0,4865 * 100 = 48,65;
Dozen / Columns: 12/37 = 0,3243 * 100 = 32,43;
Sextine: 6/37 = 0,1621 * 100 = 16,21.

If, on the other hand, you want to check a sports betting event, you must first convert the odds to a percentage.

To do this, a simple calculation will suffice: 1 divided the odds and multiply the result by 100.

Examples of conversion for sports odds

Odds = 2,00: 1/2 = 0,50 * 100 = 50;
Odds = 2,75: 1/2,75 = 0,3636 * 100 = 36,36;
Odds = 3,50: 1 / 3,50 = 0,2857 * 100 = 28,57.

As for bets, be careful, because the odds you find on the bookmaker always include the premium, so this odd should be cleaned of the tax that the bookmaker applies, or not, it depends on the type of analysis you want to carry out.

In the Hits field, as previously mentioned, you will enter the number of hits won and Tranche will be the length of the individual tests you want to perform.

For example, if you want to know, as regards red and black in roulette, what probability there are in a tranche of 100 hits to win 50, just enter 48,65 in the first box (the probability of each stroke of the red / black) , 50 in the Hits field and 100 in the Tranche field.

Once the button is pressed Calculated you will know almost immediately that the probability is about 43%.

Obviously you will be free to do all the tests you want with other values ​​as well.

Calculating the odds of winning: limportance of the results

But what is the use of knowing these percentages?

Betting Probability Calculator it will be very useful for various reasons: if, for example, you want to set a roulette maneuver and know how many reds you can expect at 177% out of 100 strokes (tranches), just do some tests by varying the values ​​in the 'Hits' field you will have the answer!

Or, a sports betting method is winning you 634 single bets (Hits) out of 1.345 (Tranche) at average odds 2,25 (Event P% to convert as reported above), what are the odds of this happening?

Obviously if the result is 0% there is good news: your selection method beats the bookmakers!