Betting Tipster

A software to find value bets in online betting

Even if you are already an online betting ace, this original sports betting software could prove to be very useful to help you understand how to find the famous value bet.

We often read online that the real odds of an event are already included in the bookmaker's odds, which obviously changes them to their advantage by applying a tax (premium).

Betting Tipster offers you the possibility, once you have entered your estimates (in percentage) of the sortie of an event on the signs 1-X-2 and the relative odds offered by the bookmakers, to highlight those odds that, theoretically, the bookmaker is offering you to a advantageous payout percentage.

How to find value bets: using Betting Tipster

Once you have downloaded the program and launched the executable contained in the folder, you will find yourself in front of the only program window, containing the various fields in which to enter the data.

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On the left side of the program (Your Estimation) your estimates will be entered as a percentage of the possible 1-X-2 outcomes of a football match.

On the right side instead (Book Odds) you will enter the odds that are offered to you for the individual outcome possibilities.

Once this is done, just click on the button below (Verify Match Odds) and the program will automatically proceed to compare the odds offered with your forecasts.

How to find the value bets: dpurge the quotas from the premium

Basically this software for find the value bets for sports betting automatically clears the odds offered by the bookmaker from the tax applied and, once you have compared the real percentages estimated by the bookmaker with the percentages you have estimated and entered, it will check if the odds offered to you are lower or higher, in terms of payment, than your estimates for the event you want to bet on. 

In this way, if you manage to make better estimates than those of the bookmaker, in the medium / long term you will certainly have an advantage!  

If the odds offered to you by the bookmaker are greater than your estimates, the relevant odds box will turn green as in the example image, highlighting the opportunity of the bet as it has a positive expected value (EV +) .

These in a nutshell are the simple but useful functions of this betting software, Betting Tipster provides the ability to manage up to 6 events, but obviously you can also use it safely to verify a single match.