Betting Yeld Equalizer

A software to equalize the winnings from sports betting stakes

You already know how equalize your winnings of your online betting bets?

With Betting Yeld Equalizer let's try to have fun with what is essentially a program for equalize your winnings on 3 independent events: although designed for betting on football matches, this software for equalize your winnings it can actually be used for any sport or type of bet, as it is enough that the odds are somehow related to the format commonly used for sporting events.

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Equalize Winnings: Calculate stake amounts

For example, imagine that you want to bet on 3 independent events, which can be the final result 1-X-2 of 3 matches, rather than a double and two fixed, rather than an under / over, a double and a fixed, etc.

In short, choose 3 events of your liking, enter the payment odds of the bookmaker and in the first box at the top 'Bet amount'how much do you want to allocate overall for these 3 bets.

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Then clicking on the button Calc, Betting Yeld Equalizer will automatically distribute the amount you have decided to play on the 3 bets, so that any winnings from each of these will always be of the same amount (this basically means equalize your winnings).

This online betting program can be very useful if, for example, you want to have fun choosing 3 bets in such a way that:

  1. by winning only one of three you recover the investment;
  2. winning two out of three doubles your investment;
  3. by winning all three you go to triple the initial investment.

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Clearly if for example your purpose is point 3 of the previous list, by entering the bookmaker's odds on the three single bets you must make sure that the return of the single bet is greater than 100%, this is because otherwise the winnings of a single bet would be less than how much have you invested.

Betting Yeld Equalizer: ppossible bet variants

Thanks to Betting Yeld Equalizer (see previous image) you can also decide to choose 3 events with very low odds (and therefore more probable), so that by winning at least 1 out of 3 the return of half cash is guaranteed, by winning 2 out of 3 you recover the entire cash, while with the third eventual victory you collect a net win of + 50% compared to the initial investment.

That's it, with Betting Yeld Equalizer the betting configuration opportunities are practically endless, it's up to you to find the one you like best and that best suits your style of play, if you still don't have a style of play, follow the advice of ThatsLuck and in a short time you will surely have the best!