Cash Game Allin Checker 🎁

Cash Game Allin Checker: Calculate the odds before calling an allin in online poker cash games

You already knew the importance of calculate the probabilities before calling a allin al online poker?

Here we are ready to tempt fate with a new software for to calculate Probabilities to win a allin to Texas Hold'em.

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How many times in front of an opponent's allin preflop, especially if you did not have a top hand, have you found yourself faced with the most classic of dilemmas: Call or Fold?

Thanks to Cash Game Allin Checker you will no longer have this kind of doubts!

This online poker program will help you understand if your eventual Call, obviously in the long run, has a positive expectation in terms of cash (EV +).

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Calculating the odds in poker: use at the green table

How to use Cash Game Allin Checker? Very simple: just enter in the two fields Starting Hand your starting cards and tick the options Suited / Unsuited whether the cards are of the same suit or not.

In the field Opponents (active opponents at the table), you will enter the number of players who have to speak after you, including of course the player who went all in.

Finally, in the field Call Amount, you must enter the cost of your eventual call.

Calculating the probabilities: call or fold?

By clicking on the button Check your chance, not only will you see the win percentage of your hand (Win%), but the thing that will determine your final action will be the value reported in the box Pot must be, because if the amount of the pot is actually at least (at least) that indicated by Cash Game Allin Checker, you can confidently call your opponent's allin, even if you have two cards that seem completely marginal to you.

Why? Because if for example using this software for online poker you will see that with a hand like 8 and 7 unsuited against 5 opponents you will win 14% of the time, if playing the allin it costs you 2,5 euros (or dollars) and the pot first of your call is at least 18 euros, it means that you are effectively putting 14% of its amount into the pot before your call, so in the long run this will bring you an economic advantage, equal to exactly the excess of the pot compared to the calculated 18 euros from the software. 

To try out some new strategy, you can for example use this tool at online cash game micro limits poker games, to actually go and call (or generate) only the lines that have the required characteristics, with the mathematical guarantee of obtaining an advantage in the long run. period (EV +).

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