Click Around

Betting the neighbors on roulette

Click Around is a new roulette software that comes from the request of some users, who have already used the software โ–บ Roulette Turbo Clicker, they asked me to create a program to bet a number plus its side, also known as "neighbors".

The "neighbors" are therefore the adjacent numbers to the right and to the left of a "base" number that we intend to bet.

For example, if we want to bet zero and its 2 "neighboring" numbers, we will have to bet on the numbers 26-0-32, for a total of 3 numbers.

Betting close numbers is very useful for those who prefer the game on the roulette sectors, often in fact the player needs to cover a more or less large part of the roulette and thanks to Click Around now this possibility is within everyone's reach.

How to configure Click Around

Click Around it is very simple to use, it is enough to start it and after entering the activation code, go to the first configuration of the game table, options that are actually very similar to those provided for โ–บ Roulette Turbo Clicker.

Also with Click Around in fact, it will be sufficient to enable the โ€œSpacebar Configโ€ option to automatically enter the coordinates of the carpet numbers, an operation that on average takes less than a minute.

Once you have entered all the X / Y coordinates of the numbers I suggest you save the configuration with the appropriate button and we will be ready to try the roulette software Click Around on the green table.

Also with Click Around there are options for a possible click before o after the bets, as well as you can set the speed of the clicks by adjusting the option Mouse Click Speed at will, bearing in mind that 0 is the maximum speed and that 1000 equals 1 second between clicks.

Betting at Roulette with Click Around

Once you have completed this simple procedure (on โ–บ YouTube obviously you will find a video presentation), you can click on the button Run Clicker, to move on to the actual clicker.

There is not much to explain here, just move the clicker where you like on the screen, at the top left you will find the option Neighbors, thanks to which you can choose how many "neighbors" to bet in addition to the base number, if in fact you want to bet the number 5 and its two side, that is, a total of 5 numbers, just select 2 in the Neighbors box and click on the green circle corresponding to 5 .

In this case, a total of 5 numbers will be bet, i.e. the base number plus the two neighbors to its right and the 2 neighbors to its left.

At the top on the right you will find the option Units, that is how many units to bet on each single number.

I would say that there is nothing else to add, this is one of those classic programs that does its duty without too many complications and which obviously becomes irreplaceable for those who set up a betting strategy based on the roulette sectors.

Click Around it allows you to bet a maximum of a base number and its 18 sideways on the left and 18 on the right, so it also covers the entire circumference of the roulette wheel.

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