Countdown Clicker

A Clicker for longer gaming sessions 

Countdown Clicker is a new roulette software that will allow you to better face real game marathons if your strategy involves betting the same numbers or the same chances for many or many spins.

In the panorama of the clicker for roulette in fact, a similar tool was missing; if in fact you have already had the opportunity to use other tools such as โ–บ Roulette Turbo Clicker, or the most recent โ–บ Click Around, you have surely appreciated the usefulness for the player of this type of software.

Why Countdown Clicker

Lately I have been trying more and more often to try some systems on simple chances or on single numbers, where I always have to make the same bet for various spins.

An example? If I am monitoring a roulette with โ–บ Roulette Bias Sniper and I realize that it is time to bet because there are 7 numbers in hyperfrequency, but I have not yet configured the bot already included in the software because I used the software for monitoring โ–บ Lobby Miner, thanks to Countdown Clicker I will be able to start betting in a few seconds, without risking missing a single shot of the favorable phase that I want to try to exploit.

Configure Countdown Clicker

It takes very little, in practice you have to enter the X / Y coordinates on the screen in the various fields 2 points only: the first is obviously the button to repeat the bet, the second is the point of the screen we choose as Trigger point.

Il Trigger point in practice it is a point on the screen that you decide and that change colour only when the bets are opened.

On this platform (the same on which it rests โ–บ Lobby Miner), with each round of betting a countdown in seconds appears, where the numbers are large and white in color.

As indicated by the red arrow, I always choose a point in the middle of the number 1 of the timer.

To enter the coordinates of the 2 points and the color code of the Trigger Point, I simply have to enable the option Turbo Config, position me before on the button confirming the bet e press space on the keyboard, then immediately after on number 1 of the episode timer (perhaps at a point where the Color Code indicated in the Pixel Info bar รจ ClWhite as in the figure) and press a again space on the keyboard.

Obviously if you play on a different platform, you will have to look for a different Trigger Point, but I hope that at least the concept is clear.

That's all, the coordinates of the two points will be automatically recorded in the program!

Let's recap: I check the Turbo Config option, place the mouse on the button that confirms the bets and press space, then wait for the countdown number 1 to appear on the screen, make sure that the color code is white (clwhite) and press again space. That's it.

Finally, I'll explain the function of the two boxes  trigger (top left) e Delay: the first is a counter that is activated as soon as the Trigger Point is detected on the video (so you will notice even if the Trigger Point is configured correctly), the second is the number of seconds to wait before aiming since the Trigger Point appears.

If you enter the value 2 in the field Delay it means that the bet will be placed later 2 seconds since the trigger point appeared on the screen.

For any doubts, of course, watch the video on โ–บYouTube.

Extra options

So if I decide that I always have to make the same bet for 50 spins, just enter the value 50 in the field Autobet # and press the OFF button, which will obviously pass on ON.

At this point the size of the program is reduced, to take up as little space as possible on the gaming desktop and if the configuration has been carried out correctly, at each round of betting Countdown Clicker will click on the button that repeats the previous episode (obviously you have already understood that the first episode must be done manually).

After each bet placed, the counter will progressively decrease until it reaches zero.

In the lower part of the program you can finally configure two extra options, with which to decide what should happen once the countdown has reached zero.

The first is the option Shutdown, which obviously turns off the PC, the second is the Option Play Sound Alarm, which plays in a loop a sound that you can choose from among the 8 available.


That's it, indeed, ThatsLuck! Have fun and don't forget to subscribe to the Telegram channel if you want to preview all the news or receive some exclusive bonus reserved for members.