Lobby Miner

Record online roulette numbers

Lobby Miner is a new roulette software that allows you to automatically record online roulette numbers for days.

Having such a tool at your disposal really is very important, because it allows the player to analyze statistics or set up game strategies hitherto impossible to elaborate.

It is no coincidence that in recent months numerous online services have been born that offer monthly subscriptions to allow the player to receive alerts based on the Lobby monitoring of an online casino, that is the internet page of a casino that shows the latest numbers released at the various roulette tables.

How Lobby Miner works

Lobby Miner it is very simple to use, just start it and after entering the activation code, load the casino page to which the software points by clicking on the button Load Lobby.

Caution: the page loaded is that of an Italian provider, so for all Italian players there will be no difficulty in using Lobby Miner, for those who reside in other countries, it may be impossible to load the page and therefore the software will not work.

Who is possibly interested in Lobby Miner must try it before to buy the manual on Amazon, because it will not be possible for me to intervene to change the code precisely because I too cannot connect with foreign gaming platforms.

If you are not a resident of Italy and are unable to view the page that loads Lobby Miner, use a VPN it could be a good idea, but for this eventual problem the player must take action to find a solution.

Once the casino lobby is loaded with the button Load Lobby, just press the second button Start Mining and Lobby Miner will start recording all the table numbers on the page.

There are currently 20 tables in the lobby, all from the well-known platform Playtech, but two of which do not show the sequence of numbers released in the lobby, so the registrations will take place simultaneously for 18 tables.

All the data of these 18 tables will be recorded in as many text files, contained in the folder outputs of the program. 

You can also click on the button to access the folder Data Folder, as well as to clear the contents of all files just press the button Reset Files.

Use the data collected by Lobby Miner

The applications are practically endless, just think that some interesting software has been available for some time on ThatsLuck they use text files for statistical analysis, such as:

โ–บRoulette Super Stats with which you can analyze frequencies, delays and repetitions of numbers or various chances in near real time;

โ–บRoulette Bias Sniper with which you can check for 18 tables if bias occur without having to record the numbers with the table open and moreover one at a time;

โ–บRoulette Trends Hunter with which you can intercept the trends of the various opportunities (or sectors) to exploit their continuation.

Other tools will be published shortly to make the most of it Lobby Miner, or new software that by linking to the various text files recorded by Lobby Miner, they will be able to warn in real time the player according to the strategy he wants to apply.

As Lobby Miner records

As a final information I think it useful to report that the registrations take place in this way: for each table the number that disappears from the sequence of 5 numbers that can be seen in the lobby is added to the text file.

So if for example at a table you see that the numbers 1-2-3-4-5 have come out, as soon as a new number comes out the sequence on the video will become 23-1-2-3-4 and therefore the number 5 will be added to the text file of that table. This in practice means that the surveys will take place with an average delay of 4 or 5 numbers compared to the sorties that are seen on the web page.

Last but not least, I inform you that this software could stop working today and in any case there will be no free upgrades, because if for example the provider decides to modify the web page to no longer show the numbers, or rather modify the java code of the page to prevent the registration of numbers, I may not be able to make the software work again.

Consider therefore as potentially lost the small investment that you will eventually make for the purchase of the manual of this or other programs that could be integrated with Lobby Miner. That's it.

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