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Marigny Calculator: how to use the Marigny formula in betting and roulette

You already know what it is for e how to use the Marigny formula?

Marigny de Grilleau (1855-1942) was a student of roulette, best remembered for his book Le gain scientifique d'une seule unitè, a kind of sacred text for supporters of the 'even mass' game or the validity of 'hit selection'.

His studies of the time led him to analyze what he considered an Achilles heel of roulette, that is: the gaps.

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To understand if the difference (gap) that is being observed falls within the norm or if you are in a limit condition that can be exploited by the player, Marigny developed a simple formula, which establishes that the difference between two opposing chances never exceeds five times the square root of the observed attempts.

For example, in 100 roulette spins (square root of 100 = 10) the Marigny limit difference is 5 x 10 = 50.

In 200 strokes (square root of 200 = 14,14) the limit deviation is 5 x 14,14 = 70,7.

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The Marigny formula

To determine therefore the coefficient of the difference that we are observing, we can use the following formula, which is actually valid for all combinations of roulette or any other game and therefore not only for simple chances, as hypothesized at the time by Marigny.

CM = (2 x P x N - 2 x C) / RQ (2 x P x N)

How to use the Marigny formula: explanation of the formula

CM= Marigny coefficient;
P = Probability of the combination (without considering zero);
N = Total number of attempts observed;
C = Number of sorties of the observed chance.

For example, in a cycle of 200 spins of roulette, we record that the fifth sixth came out 16 times: is this a limit difference?

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Without breaking your head too much with calculations, you can use the Marigny Calculator, downloadable from the link below and thanks to which you can actually clarify the situation not only for Roulette, but also for other games, including sports betting.

In the example above, the value that the program returns is 4,2458 and certainly high, but still far from the limit of 5.

How to use the Marigny formula: application to sports betting

For sports bets the calculation is identical, you need to tick the check above (Sports Betting) and enter the values, including the odds at which you played the games, which in this case will be understood as the average odds (Avg Odd).

But what is the use of knowing the Marigny coefficient for football betting?

Clearly we will never have direct suggestions for our bets, but with this betting or roulette software you can still evaluate (and it is not a little) the effectiveness of the method / selection you are applying.

In fact, if you wanted to have an 'almost certain' proof of having beaten roulette or any other game or bookmaker with your method, surely the tool Marigny Calculator it will be a valid measurement and certification tool.

In fact, if by entering the results recorded with your sports betting method you should obtain a CM value equal to or greater than 5, you could seriously consider booking the Caribbean cruise or the luxury car you have always dreamed of!