Money Trip

The martingale

As you may have already understood the new roulette software Money Trip conceptually is based on the mother of all financial maneuvers to win at roulette, or the martingale.

La martingale it is part of a class of strategies used in gambling that originated and saw their greatest diffusion in XNUMXth century France.

The simplest of these strategies, the martingale, was designed for a game very similar to heads or tails with a coin., which provided for the winning of the bet in case of heads and the loss in case of tails.

Martingale requires the player to double their bet after each loss, so that the first win recovers all previous losses plus a win equal to the original stake.

Assuming that a player has infinite capital available, so he is always able to cover the next bet in case of a loss, it would be possible to confirm the infallibility of this strategy, given that sooner or later he will necessarily come out heads, or Red for example if we consider the game of Roulette.

However, in reality, no player normally has such an economic availability to cope with the exponential growth of the stake in the event of many consecutive lost spins and to this we must also add the limits to the bets provided by all the casinos in the world, both real and online.

The perfect maneuver

Although it is a fact that the martingale leads to ruin the player for the reasons mentioned above, it is also true that it is the only system that in the absence of capital or stake limits has been recognized to be 100% successful.

Before devising the new roulette software Money Trip I asked myself: is it possible to set up a game method that is based on the same principles as the martingale and that is not subject to capital or stake limitations?

Indeed, the key (or at least one of the possible keys) to consistently win at roulette would be to make a 25 or 26-stroke martingale playable.

But what is meant by making a martingale playable?

One really important thing that I have learned in these years of programming is that to really try to win you must first understand why you lose.

With the martingale you lose mainly for 3 reasons:

โ–บ 1. the independence of the individual roulette spins (an element almost always ignored by the player);

โ–บ 2. the casino's betting limits;

โ–บ 3. the player's capital limit.

Starting from the analysis of these three simple but insurmountable limits, I have set Money Trip as a kind of Gps navigator, which starting from an initial base (the Bankroll for a single game session), you virtually guide the player to their final destination, that is the desired winnings.


The Journey to Victory

Before explaining how it is used Money Trip, I'll explain on what concepts it is based: in practice when we play a martingale we do nothing but double the bet with each spin lost, until we win the basic unit of the bet.

Analyzing the roulette spins individually, we can see that they are all single bets with probability of approximately 50% (48,65% to be exact) and are independent of each other (point 1 of the above list), in the sense that they are not we may have some useful information from past results to set up our next bets.

Well, I asked myself: are there other roulette bets that have the same payout percentages of around 50%, but that don't run out with a single shot that leads to a doubling of the bet?

The answer is yes, because if, for example, we decide to play flat bet for 37 spins, always betting on Red, the probability of winning โ€œat leastโ€ 18 spins is not 50%, but 56%!

You can also check this and other possible combinations, using the free software โ–บTurbo Bet Calc.

First of all, I therefore replaced in my reasoning the single bet with a sortie frequency of 48,65% with a series of bets, which overall have a frequency much higher than 50%.

Money Trip it is therefore set to win a sum decided by the player, when the condition is met that X bets in Y spins are won.

Do not confuse the logic used with the well-known Masaniello calculation method, certainly the similarities are many, but in Money Trip the stake is independent of the stake, as is the single stake.

Money Trip: the Software

On our โ–บ video channel you will surely find some videos that illustrate how to pilot our game to achieve the desired victory, however, let's start from the basic options to understand how to make the most of this fantastic tool at our disposal.

Once opened, Money Trip it comes with graphics in true GPS navigator style, where on the left of the dashboard we find the basic settings of the trip, while on the right there are the vital information to reach the desired win.

Let's start immediately with the left panel: in the field Spins (modifiable) the value 37 is already set, which is equivalent to a complete cycle of the roulette numbers, which are 37.

Field Left indicates (therefore it cannot be changed) the number of spins that remain at the end of the cycle and therefore obviously decreases by 1 at each bet.

In the field Unit Value we must enter the value of ours base bet, which can be 1 euro (so we leave 1), or 5 euro (so you must enter the value 5).

Il blue button immediately on the right (the one with the currency) serves for add the units we want to win at the box Target (in the right panel), it would be in practice the final destination of our trip, or the winnings we want to reach.

So if I want to win 10 euros playing with a basic unit of 1 euro, I will enter the value 1 in the Unit Value field and press the blue button ten times to increase the value to be won and which I will see reported in Target on the right.

In the field Bet Min I will enter the minimum bet allowed at the table at which I am playing (used to calculate the rounding of the bets) and in the field Bet Max I will enter not the ceiling of the table, but the maximum bet that I decide to make.

Setting a maximum bet as you will see is fundamental, first because in some way we try to stay well away from the limit imposed by the casino (which may be much higher, but in any case the more you raise the single-hit bet the worse it is, because being individuals independent hits, in the short term anything can happen to us), second because, as you will see, if the bet is close to our limit, it means that the session is going badly and therefore our navigator warns us of the danger, proposing 3 possible game options which we will see better later.

Obviously you cannot play with a basic unit of 5 euros and insert a maximum bet of 7,5 euros (in the first tests I did it and in fact I went off the road after some dangerous corners), let's say that a good ratio for the maximum bet is 10 times the base unit, as well as a Target realistic must be set to 50% of the bankroll, which therefore in turn must be at least double the target.

So if we realistically want to try to win for example 25 euros, for our trip we need a bankroll of 50 euros, to play with 0,5 euro unit and insert Bet Max 5 euros (i.e. ten times the base unit).


Let's continue with the analysis of the left panel: Chance Selector it is used to select the type of attack we want to conduct.

For example, if our first attempt to win 18 hits out of 37 fails because we have reached the maximum bet or exhausted 37 spins, or more simply we decide that it is better to change the attack because the value Win% on the right is close to zero (this value is used to understand how we are during the journey, in practice it is our real percentage of chance of winning the remaining shots to reach the goal), we can decide to change strategies and start a new tranche 37 spins on simple chances, or change the game completely and move on to bet on the dozen, sixth or one of the other available options.

Whichever option I choose, it will still be an event with probability close to 60% and therefore cannot be kept waiting for long!

In practice, our strategy can be summarized as follows: I try to play as many tranches as possible trying to keep the bet below the Bet Max, until I meet a favorable session (which statistically is more frequent than the adverse ones) that makes me close the game.

This is a game of patience, on average it takes at least 3 sessions to get to the finish line and then about 1 hour of play when it goes well, that's why it is important to do a lot of tests (only at live roulette obviously) to better understand all possible interventions that the player can make to reach his goal.

Each time a new tranche is started, press the Star button, this is used to calculate the number of spins and hits that are needed to create an event with a probability greater than 50%.

For example, if as an attack you want to select dozens or columns, pressing the Star button you will see that a game path will be generated which for 37 spins has a probability of 44% and this that's no good, to remedy, enter 50 instead of 37 in the Spins field and press on the Star, you will see that the probability will rise to an optimal 58%, with 16 hits to be won in 50 spins.

For each shot won or lost you must obviously click on the buttons Win e Lostwhile in the field RNG Typ we have a random tip for our possible bets.

Obviously it is not an oracle, but I always use it because I have set it in such a way as to suggest a random bet, but to change only when you lose a bet.

In this way you can take full advantage of any consecutive strokes won and if you watch the presentation video of Money Trip on the โ–บ video channel this option proved to be a real boon, especially on the third attack on the dozen / columns.

Finally, in the right panel we find:

โ–บStake: the balance of our bankroll (always starts from zero at the beginning of the trip);

โ–บTarget: how much we still have to win compared to the final goal (decreases while we win and increases when we lose);

โ–บHits: the number of shots to win to reach the finish line;

โ–บWin%: our probability of reaching the finish line in the current tranche;

โ–บNext Bet: the amount to bet on the next spin.

Final tips

If you want to learn how to drive your car in the best possible way and take it to your destination more and more often, remember that:

Don't be in a hurry, don't start a game session if you don't have at least a couple of hours at your disposal, pretend you really have to drive 200 kilometers in unpredictable weather conditions, so you must learn to drive carefully in the wet, to put chains when it snows and pressing hard on the accelerator when the sun finally comes out.

Every time (and it often happens) that you reach Bet Max they are there 3 possible options: 1 start a new session by aiming for the same chance, 2 start a new session by changing chances, 3 start a new session by increasing the number of spins to play.

All these options have a single and fundamental objective: lower the starting bet.

It is therefore up to the player to understand the phase he is going through and to adopt (or at least try) the best strategy to continue his journey towards the deserved goal.

I highly recommend, after reading the whole post well, to also watch the video on our โ–บ channels, the session addressed in the video certainly makes better with facts what I have tried to describe here in words.

Have fun with Money Trip and don't forget to subscribe to the Telegram channel if you want to preview all the news in the program.