Money Zone Calculator 🎁

Calculate the prize area of ​​online poker tournaments

If you are not yet a green table shark and you are interested in understanding how to get to the money zone of the tournaments of poker online, free software Money Zone Calculator could do for you.

Often, in fact, especially if beginners, the players of Texas Hold'em poker tournaments do not have well in mind what is the first and most important goal to achieve, which is not winning the tournament (that certainly comes later), but that to at least reach the prizes and recover the investment made with the buy-in (the registration fee).

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What is Money Zone Calculator?

What good is it then Money Zone Calculator? It certainly serves to optimize your actions at the table: if at a certain point in the poker tournament you have a stack already well on average (or higher) with what the average stack of players will be once the bubble bursts (i.e. when it is eliminated the last player before the prize zone), maybe you could consider limiting your game by folding anything (because even with AA in 20% of cases you can lose), until you reach the money zone of our tournament of poker.

In reality, this extremely conservative approach has already been extensively covered in the post dedicated to software ► Final Table, where a calculator similar to is already included Money Zone Calculator, with the only difference that in this version you can also manage tournaments with rebuys and addons.

How to calculate the money zone of poker tournaments

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Just enter in the program the data you surely already know (starting stack, number of players, paid seats, etc.) and pressing the button Calc Stack Avg you will know immediately the average of the chips for the money zone and the one for the final table of your poker tournament.

Needless to say, if at some point in the tournament thanks to Money Zone Calculator I realize that I have a stack twice as high as the average for the prizes, first I take home the result and then, if the situation requires it, I resume with the wild allin!