Pot Odds Calculator 🎁

Pot Odds Calculator: Always make the right decision at online poker games!

Pot Odds Calculator is a software for Windows systems that is used to determine the convenience or otherwise of calling an opponent's bet during a cash game of Texas Hold'em poker.

So let's not talk about tournaments, but about those games where change or thousands of euros fly based on the level of the blinds.

For convenience we settle on small change, also because the spirit of ThatsLuck it is not to train sharks of the green table, but rather to train users to always make the best choice, regardless of the game considered.

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How to calculate online poker pot odds: using the software

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the zip file on your desktop, you just have to launch the executable and the program will be ready to use immediately.

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As you see the screenshot of Pot Odds Calculator it is unique and contains all the calculation functions provided.

Even the size of the window has been deliberately contained, this in order to be able to position the program near the game table window without invading the desktop too much.

Let's immediately see a practical example of use: let's say that you are sitting at a table of the so-called micro limits, or those tables where the amounts of the blinds are in cents.

Maybe it will sound strange to you, but I often hear around that the micro limits are now the most profitable levels to play, because at the highest levels the skills of the players for good or bad are equal and therefore only the poker room to gain is thanks to the rake. on the money handled.

Let's go back to the example: You are holding Q and J with a board after the 5-10-K-2 turn.

At a certain point in the hand, after the flop and the turn, the player before you bets 10 cents and you have the classic two-sided straight draw in your hand, that is, if a 9 or an A comes out, you close the point and presumably win the hand. .


The Pot is 90 cents: is it correct to call a 10 cent bet before the River?

By correct I mean that in the long run the choice is profitable (EV +).

Based on what he tells us Pot Odds Calculator the answer is YES, because if you look at the image of the program with 8 outs (8 cards that make you close the point, that is the four 9s and the four Aces), the Pot must be at least 47 cents to call a bet of 10 cents on the Turn before the River and since the pot is 90 cents, the call is certainly correct.


So ultimately we can say that Pot Odds Calculator it can either be used to always make the best decision, or you can keep it open next to the table during the game, and use it only if a particularly important hand comes up with a difficult decision to make.

All clear? The only thing you have to learn to mentally calculate on the fly is your outs to close the point; for example with a pair in hand to make three of a kind your outs are only 2, to close a flush with 2 cards on the board the outs are 9 (it would be 13 minus our 2 and 2 on the board), and so on, on the net you can easily find numerous ready-made tables with these data.