Roulette 2 Xls

A software to automatically transmit online roulette numbers to an Excel spreadsheet

If you use Excel to develop your roulette systems, Roulette 2 Xls it absolutely must be part of your software arsenal.

Thanks to the new software capture engine Screen Capture Engine new horizons open up for the future programming of ThatsLuck.

Having delegated the part of the recognition of online roulette numbers to an autonomous software, in fact, allows me to make the development part of new applications really lean and much faster, including this new software by ThatsLuck, which I titled Roulette 2 Xls.

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Use Xls sheets to play roulette

I believe that right after programming with a specific language, Excel is the best software to develop and test systems for win at online roulette.

In fact, there are countless websites that offer spreadsheets prepared for roulette, as well as thousands of users who, thanks to the enormous potential of Excel, are able to create personalized Xls sheets.

The only problem is that once we have created our spreadsheet, the roulette numbers have to be entered manually one at a time.

Thanks to the new software Roulette 2 Xls even this tedious process can be fully automated, with all the associated benefits.

Roulette 2 Xls: how do you use the software?

Roulette 2 Xls it is very simple to use, in reality it is just a matter of opening the casino table, our Excel spreadsheet and the software for the automatic capture of the selected numbers Screen Capture Engine.

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The program comes with a few simple options: on the right, for example, there are all the settings for the Anti Disconnection Bet; if indeed we want to leave for hours or days Roulette 2 Xls to collect data, just activate this option and every few roulette spins the bot will bet on red and black with one unit, just enough to not be disconnected from the casino.

It is also possible to make sure that our Xls sheet always remains in the foreground on the desktop, even when we click to bet on the roulette table, to achieve this simply select the option Excel On Top Set, but this only after selecting the Excel window from the drop-down menu.

The rest of the options on the right concern the coordinates to be entered to locate the various points on the screen corresponding to red / black and the minimum unit to be selected for the bet.

Obviously, if instead of recording the numbers we have to use our Excel sheet to play, it will not be necessary to activate this option.

From Roulette to your Excel spreadsheet: how to transmit data

On the left of the program you can choose whether to transmit the data to an Xls sheet, in fact you could also just record the output numbers and save them in a text file for other purposes.

If you want to take advantage of all the Excel sheets you have created for roulette, just tick the option To Xls Cell and choose if you want to always transmit the numbers on the same cell of your Xls sheet (option Single Cell), or add them one at a time in the column, starting from a specific cell (option In Column).

In the two fields SET immediately below you will insert the initial letter of the chosen cell and the cell number.

For example, if you want to receive the data in column starting from cell D14 of your sheet, you will enter 'D' in the left field and '14' in the right one.

At this point you just have to press the button Home on the capture software Screen Capture Engine (which obviously must be configured as you have already seen in the various tutorials on ► YouTube) and if everything has been set up correctly, every roulette number will be transferred to your Xls sheet, exactly where you want! 

Bonus: an Xls sheet for Roulette Statistics!

logic de roulette, roulette software, software para la roulette, रूले सॉफ्टवेयर, ル ー レ ッ ト ソ フ ト, 轮盘 赌 软件

With Roulette 2 Xls Also included is an Xls sheet set up for automatic processing of Roulette statistics, with which you can do all the tests to learn how to exploit the potential of this new one roulette software.

The Xls sheet is protected by a password on opening (the password is the same as the software activation code), which you can obviously disable.