Roulette Clock Master

How to clock live roulette

Do you really want to know how to clock online roulette? Read on and discover the features of Roulette Clock Master, an exclusive software by ThatsLuck!

The first release of this roulette clocking tool dates back to several years ago, when an online casino first allowed players to bet after the croupier threw the ball.

Having always read with particular interest the articles on visual or instrumental prediction, I therefore decided to try my hand at this branch of the game, creating a software for clocking online roulette that I titled Roulette Clock Master.

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How to clock online roulette with Roulette Clock Master

More than a watch, Roulette Clock Master it is a kind of chronometer, which tries to predict where the ball thrown by the croupier will end its run or by a blow of compressed air in the case of automatic roulettes.

How does the program predict this? Not being able to this technique of roulette clocking counting on a precise measurement of the roulette and ball speeds due to the technical limitations connected to the transmission via the network of the video stream, I decided to adopt a principle of empirical visual measurement a posteriori.

If I block the video after a few milliseconds from the launch of the ball and note the position of the roulette, the ball and the winning number, every time I stop the video after the same time interval I detect conditions similar to those recorded before, I can expect that the result final is the same or in any case very similar (adjacent boxes) to the one detected before?

The answer, after numerous field tests, is yes: it is not at all rare that Roulette Clock Master, appropriately calibrated, correctly predicts even the single winning number.

So where is the problem? Why haven't I been in the Bahamas for a long time sipping champagne on a caliente playa? I'll explain it to you in the next paragraph.

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How to clock online roulette with compressed air 

Speaking of compressed air roulette, in optics roulette clocking they are certainly the best to approach, both for the amount of seconds available for the episodes, and for visibility in terms of framing of the rotating disk.

However, these roulettes are equipped with a device called RRS, or Random Rotor Speed.

This RRS in practice modifies the deceleration of the rotor randomly immediately after the closing of the bets, just to avoid that someone can take advantage of the possibility of betting after the launch of the ball.

The option is clearly shown in the manufacturer's brochure of most of these roulettes (if you want to know more, search the net ►Cammegh Slingshot).


So what? No hope for the player?

I would say that before raising the white flag with these roulettes, perhaps some field tests should be investigated, also because the new one Roulette Clock Master was equipped with the option Speed ​​Bet, thanks to which it is possible to aim at maximum speed large sectors of the wheel, which therefore potentially also embrace the variations on the final result induced by Random Rotor Speed.

On the airball roulette, however, always use the utmost attention, it does not mean that the artifices of the dealer go far beyond just slowing down the rotor.

Setup Video and Speed ​​Bet

For the setup of the Speed ​​Bet I refer you to the post or video on ► YouTube software ► Roulette Turbo Clicker, in practice the procedure is the same and it is certainly very simple and quick to complete.

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As for the initial configuration of the video, simply open the game table, select the title of the game window from the drop-down menu and click on the button Set, then thanks to the X / Y coordinate detector you can identify the part of the video you are interested in capturing (X Start e Y Start) and the size of the capture window (panel Capture Size).

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If you wish, you can also 'force' the size of the game window to make it perfectly fit the size of your desktop (panel Window Game Size).

In this way, if even after the first setting the size of the window should change, you can with just one click on the button Tweak bring it back to the previously chosen size (Width / Height).

Techniques of instrumental prediction

As for the possible (and numerous) techniques of instrumental prediction, although I certainly consider the viewing of the videos more effective, which I will not fail to make and post on ► YouTube, I certainly think it useful to anticipate something.

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How to clock online roulette: roulette markers

Roulette Clock Master it is equipped with 2 sets of different markers, named # 1 and # 2.

The # 1 series markers are squares numbered from 1 to 6 and small white circles, plus a light blue one. They can be dragged on the screen and used to delimit, for example, 6 sectors of the wheel, while the circles can be used to identify the various lozenges, that is the point of impact of the ball before it falls on the rotor.

These white circles can also turn green, just click on them with the mouse.

This first set of markers is used to create gods reference sectors for when you will register the launches which of course I advise you to monitor always following a homogeneous cataloging, based on direction of rotation clockwise / counterclockwise of the wheel.

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For example, it will be useful to know that if at the stop of the timer the ball was very close to the yellow dot (see previous image), the zero (to trace the position of the wheel) in the sector delimited by markers 2-1 and the winning number (imagining that is 19 traced with the green circle) near marker 01, in the case of a similar ball / wheel combination you can think of betting the sector of the 12 numbers ranging from 3 to 34 or in any case of the numbers that the stop will propose to you image at the time of the stop Timer.

How to clock online roulette: the timer

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As regards the timer, just enter the desired time in the specific box and click the button Home to start the video and the stopwatch.

When you reach the indicated value, the video will stop allowing you to understand where the ball and the wheel are and adjust accordingly.

The whole # 2 series of markers is dedicated to tracking the winning ball / wheel / number.

In fact, they are symbols of various shapes and colors to allow you to choose the ones you prefer according to your personal tastes.

The same colors in groups of 3 markers are used to distinguish a single spin from the other.

Basically it is about doing this: once you have stopped the video of a spin, for example in a clockwise direction, you place a marker on the ball, one on the zero of the wheel and one on the number that is then winning.

Repeat the operation for another 3 or 4 times and then start playing, aiming only if at the stop of the video there is a situation similar to that recorded in relation to the position of the ball / wheel.

In fact they also exist other playing techniques, such as aiming at the sector of six numbers that is most affected at the stop of the video, or the opposite, that is, playing against the cold sector (never hit), all also in order to intercept the repetitive phases of the launches that some croupiers they inevitably generate; on the other hand think about it ... if the dealer is replaced on average every 30 minutes, there will also be a reason!

Last frontier of roulette clocking?

In this latest version of Roulette Clock Master I added a new measurement mode.

In practice by pressing the button DS (Dealer Signature), the program only shows the Speed ​​Bet and a panel with 12 roulettes (Time 01, Time 02, etc.).

The technique is this: first you have to measure the average times of a throw, that is to understand after how many milliseconds from the launch of the ball the video must be stopped, in such a way as to have 'at least' another 2 seconds to bet before the end of the betting.

Once this is done, choose which of the 12 roulettes has the most suitable frame and select the suitable wheel with a click.

At this point the setup is complete, just start the timer and every time the video stops, bet on the sector similar in position to that of the reference roulette that you have previously chosen among the 12 available.

The operation is much simpler than it may seem, if you have any doubts, I invite you to immediately view the demonstration video already available on the channel ► YouTube di ThatsLuck.

An open laboratory

The new Roulette Clock Master it is to all intents and purposes a laboratory and, as such, it gives you the real possibility of inventing and applying completely new winning prediction techniques, without necessarily sharing them; from here, as you will understand, it derives a potential economic value different from that of all the other software available.

Furthermore, thanks to the type of programming used, this software for the roulette clocking it will work forever, because it interacts directly with the player's screen and not with the casino software code.