Roulette Spin Converter

A software to convert roulette archives

If you are a roulette scholar and you want to convert easily all your real spin archives, Roulette Spin Converter it absolutely must be among your analytics tools. 

I created this tool primarily for personal use, as sometimes I want to quickly test methods that involve playing certain roulette chances and each time starting from the real spin archives found on the net in numerical format based on the outputs of the individual numbers (23, 8, 19, 0, 12, etc.) I have to transform them into the format of the chance to be analyzed, because obviously this greatly accelerated the subsequent analysis process.

In fact, imagine you want to test a method on the sixths: having a classic permanence with the single numbers available necessarily entails a longer analysis time, not to mention that on more complex calculations the error is always around the corner!

Thanks to Roulette Spin Converter it will therefore be possible to convert with a click all the archives initially composed of single numbers, in archives formed directly from the values ​​of the chances that we want to analyze.

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Converting archives: how to use Roulette Spin Converter?

Roulette Spin Converter it's really simple to use: via the button Load on the left it is possible to load or save an archive in text file format. 

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Then just choose in which format we want convert the numbers uploaded; for this operation you can choose between the following 7 options:


Manque / Passe

Even odd





Once this is done just click on the button Convert and, forgive the pun ... that's it!

Roulette Spin Converter: export the data

The permanence transformed and ready to be saved will appear on the right of the program (button Save right) in txt text format, which can also be edited via Excel or other programs.

And if we want to generate pseudo-random permanences, just enter the number of spins to generate and click on the button RND Gen.

With this function you can also generate stays without the zero, in this case the appropriate box must be ticked Exclude zero.

As you can see, the ease of use of the program is directly proportional to its usefulness and above all to the time it will save you when you have to test a roulette system based on one of the 7 available chances. What are you waiting for to download it from the link below?