Roulette Trends Hunter

A software to win at roulette with trend graphs

Roulette Trends Hunter is a software to win online roulette with trend graphs, that is, it allows you to identify the chances that are following a trends to try to make the most of the continuation.

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Winning at roulette: gap or balance?

One of the phrases that I have heard most often since I started to be interested in the trends of roulette chances is: in roulette the rule is the gap, the balance is the exception!

It is an opinion shared by many players - even those who are not really beginners - that he is roulette begins to produce a gap with a particular chance, it is certainly more appropriate to continue following the trends instead of playing against and this is demonstrated by the previous table, where it is clear that by examining for example the 4-stroke tranches of a simple chance, of the 16 possible combinations (excluding zero from the reasoning), only 6 of these (37,5, XNUMX%) produce a perfect balance.

Before continuing to read, I recommend that you absolutely do not play software roulette, as they are calibrated to make the player lose, they are slot machines and consequently any strategy is in vain. 

Winning at roulette: the 6 chance charts

Roulette Trends Hunter, now in version 4.0, it monitors the gap of 6 opposing chances, three are the classic Red / Black, Even / Odd, Manque / Passe, while the other 3 are sectorial, because they concern the arrangement of the numbers on the roulette and this in order to intercept any trends potentially generated by the croupier's launches.

Another characteristic of all 6 chances is that they are not equiprobable, as one is always made up of 19 numbers (thanks to the inclusion of zero), against the remaining 18 of the opposite chance, but let's see them in detail:

1.Chance V / L = Neighbors - Far (Neighbors: the number just gone + the 9 lateral right / left of the same; Far: the remaining 18 numbers of the wheel).

2.Chance A / B = High - Low (High: the zero and the 9 lateral to the right / left of the same; Low: the remaining 18 numbers of the wheel).

3.Chance D / S = Right - Left (Right: from 0 to 10 inclusive; Left: the remaining 18 numbers of the wheel).

4.Chance N / R = Black - Red (Black: all black numbers and zero; Red: all 18 red numbers);

5.Chance P / D = Even - Odd (Even: all even numbers and zero; Odd: all 18 odd numbers);

6.Chance M / P = Manque - Passe (Manque: all manque numbers and zero; Passe: all 18 pass numbers).

Winning at roulette: intercepting trends

At first glance it might all seem a bit chaotic, but in reality just think that we are monitoring 6 chance of roulette to understand which is producing the largest gap to play for (or against if you prefer) of this gap.

Just start entering the numbers one at a time, as they appear on the roulette we are observing.

To enter it, just click on the carpet in the lower part of the program and the number will be entered in the stay column on the left.

Remember: if some function of Roulette Trends Hunter is not immediately clear, just place the mouse arrow on the button and a message will appear with the description of the corresponding game function.

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By moving to the panel Offset Graph you will have the complete view of the 6 roulette graphics, all easily distinguishable thanks to the different color, corresponding precisely to the different possibilities.

For example, if you want to follow only the 3 sectoral chances, just deselect the other three with a click in the corresponding check boxes, and the graph will certainly be less chaotic.

The two red curves that cut the graph horizontally indicate the 'expected average gap' based on the number of hits recorded, while the 'Most frequent gap' expected for the monitored spin tranche is shown in the "F + gap" panel.

In the panel Reject Alert e Alert Report it is possible to set an alert for when the ratio between the current gap and the statistically most frequent one based on the number of spins exceeds the selected value (alert).

Winning at Roulette: the Chance Mixer

On the right of Roulette Trends Hunter find it Chance Mixer, a particular selection that intercepts only the numbers "in common" between 2 or more chances you are monitoring.

What is this function for? If two or more chances generate the gap at the same time, you could bet only the numbers "in common" to these chances instead of all 18 or 19 numbers, in this way even the yield of the single shots won becomes much higher!

On the left of the program, at the bottom, you will find the panel Speed ​​Better, thanks to which, after a quick configuration which we will discuss later, it will be possible to automatically bet all the numbers you want with just one click.

Let's say that these are the same functions present in the software ► Roulette Turbo Clicker, which you can always find here in the software catalog by ThatsLuck.

Winning at Roulette with Trend Graphs: Wonder Wheel

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To further enhance the gaming experience, I have implemented this one Wonder Wheel, on which you can see where the numbers bet on the roulette wheel are, in order to make the final phase of the throw more exciting, when the ball begins to jump between the boxes before ending its run on the winning number.

Of course, you can also decide to play for the interruption of a roulette trend, selecting the item excluded for a visual feedback and by clicking on the respective buttons for the blanket bet S o E present in the panel Speed ​​Better, where you can also choose the number of units per single number you are going to bet.

Winning at Roulette with Trend Graphs: Trend Monitor

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In the panel Trend Monitor it will be possible, after a simple click, to view all 6 graphs at the same time, even those chances that you had excluded in the main panel (Scrap Graph).

By clicking on each individual chart, you will also be able to view one zoom detail of the single chance and its opposite, always in relation to the average reference gap (the red parables).

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This will allow you to immediately have an important overview of which chances are starting to show a higher trend than the others.

For example, on the basis of the previous image, I would undoubtedly choose the chances of the green graph (the second at the top center) and those of the light blue graph, starting to bet on the numbers that the two chances present in common (thanks to the Chance Mixer).

Winning with trend charts: Lucky Carpet

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For those like me who prefer the intersections of Chance Mixer, since there are not many numbers to bet in this case, it may be superfluous to configure and use the Speed ​​Better, so with the panel Lucky Carpet we will be able to visualize the arrangement on the carpet of the full numbers (Lucky Strike) to bet and therefore make the bet manually, in a faster and more intuitive way.

Winning at Roulette with Charts: Speed ​​Better

The last panel of the software concerns the configuration of the Speed ​​Better which follows the same criteria as the program configuration Roulette Turbo Clicker.

For this part, I refer you to reading the related post always here on ThatsLuck, where you will find all the details on this quick and above all convenient option, obviously it being understood that the configuration of the Speed ​​Better must be done only once, during the first use of the program on a new online gaming platform.

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Practical advice: Roulette Trends Hunter follows, or rather, try to follow i trends generated by the roulette you are tracking, there is therefore no guarantee that a trend will not stop or reverse just as you start pointing it.

I therefore advise you to seriously consider a 'hit and run' game, that is a few shots, but well aimed.

Personally I have had excellent satisfaction playing the 8/9 numbers that are generated by the crossing of 2 simultaneous gap chances, using a strictly winning progression with the aim of winning 3 consecutive bets and then betting 1/4/16 pieces per single. number, which in case of victory translates into a total win, on the third hit won, of well 576 units!

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