Roulette Turbo Clicker

A software to bet the sectors of the roulette at the speed of light!

Roulette Turbo Clicker is an online roulette program that allows you to bet from 1 to 37 numbers in less than a second.

It is essentially a roulette bot and can be configured on any software of online casinos.

Roulette Turbo Clicker: who can use it?

It can be used by sector game lovers or by those who apply visual prediction techniques (Visual Roulette), as some automatic online roulettes allow you to bet even 10-12 seconds after the ball is thrown and Roulette Turbo Clicker it becomes essential to bet also all 37 numbers having only 1 second available before the closing of the bets.

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Roulette Turbo Clicker it is not a game method, but it is a tool that is used to apply a method, therefore a basic strategy is needed.

I also remind you not to play software roulette, as they can potentially be calibrated to make the player lose more than a real roulette would.

Roulette Turbo ClickerIinstallation and first start

Roulette Turbo Clicker it does not install, so once downloaded (I recommend doing it on the desktop), just unzip the archive and click on the executable to start the software.

Roulette Turbo Clicker it is practically universal and can be used on all existing online casinos because it works like this: once you open the casino table and enter the title of the game window you see on your monitor, the XY detector (top right panel) that, if the title you entered matches perfectly (important: respect uppercase / lowercase), it turns green and starts showing the X and Y coordinates of the mouse pointer as you move it on your desktop.

If you want to see how easy it is to set up Roulette Turbo Clicker, look for the demo video on the ► Youtube channel di ThatsLuck.

Clicker config

With Roulette Turbo Clicker there is no need to manually enter the coordinates of the numbers on the carpet, just tick the check function Enable Spacebar Config and place the mouse pointer in the center of the various numbers on the play mat.

By pressing the space key on the keyboard only when the mouse is in the center of the number, the coordinates will be entered into the program automatically!

The operation takes less than 1 minute and once you have entered all the coordinates you can save them with the Save option.

In this way you will have your own configuration archive for each table and when you change casinos just upload the file (button Load) to be ready to play in an instant!

Let's see how the program screen looks after having configured for example Roulette Turbo Clicker on an online game table.

In the box at the top left (Windows Caption Casino) the exact title of the game window must be entered, respecting case-sensitive, otherwise the table is not detected.

In the various fields below there are all the XY coordinates of the carpet numbers, while on the right there are 2 other very important options.

1.Coordinate clicks BEFORE betting: if, for example, for any reason you need to click on any button in the casino or at a point in the video BEFORE Roulette Turbo Clicker start pointing, just enter the coordinates of this possible point / button and check the box Before Betting Click.

2.Coordinate clicks AFTER the bets: the same goes for the possible need to click AFTER the bets, in the case in which, for example, the software of a casino requires that after inserting the bet, it is necessary to confirm it by clicking on a button confirmation.

To make it click Roulette Turbo Clicker also on this button after the episodes, the coordinates of this button will be entered on the screen and the relative option will be checked.

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This is pretty much all about the configuration, as you see it is a very simple operation that will allow you to connect Roulette Turbo Clicker to any existing online casino software!

Important: since Roulette Turbo Clicker detects the coordinates of the buttons on your screen in relation to the casino game window, you can freely move the casino window wherever you want on your desktop, but remember that you will never have to resize it, as the coordinates of the numbers on the carpet would no longer match!

I therefore recommend that you always use the default size of the game window when it opens and never change them, as forEven expanding the window to full screen would render it unusable Roulette Turbo Clicker.

In case you encounter problems (the mouse moves but does not click on the numbers), try lowering the click speed.

To lower this speed (which by default is 0 = maximum), just enter a value in the field Mouse Click Speed bottom right.

First try to put the value 100, if it still does not go increase the value to 200, 300, etc ... the value 1.000 corresponds to 1 second, but it would make the clicks very slow between them, a value between 25 and 200 should solve most some problems.

Roulette Turbo Clicker: click at the speed of light!

Once the program is configured, you can finally start playing, so let's see what types of automatic bets you can make.

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The possible bets are infinite, in practice just select how many numbers you want to bet (field NUMBERS), choose the direction of the numbers as arranged on the roulette wheel (clockwise / counterclockwise) and how many units you want to bet on each single number (field UNITS).

Once these values ​​have been set, just click on the number of the carpet we want and Roulette Turbo Clicker will do the rest!

Example: if according to your game method you have to bet a number and its following 5 in clockwise direction (always according to the arrangement of the roulette sectors), select '6' in the NUMBERS panel, then select Clockwise and when placing your bet, click on the number of the carpet you are interested in: Roulette Turbo Clicker will point that number plus the 5 numbers to the right of the clicked number in a fraction of a second, very simple!

Use the numeric keypad

If you are very quick to use the numeric keypad of your PC keyboard, you can enable this function by checking the option Use Numpad.

To place a bet instead of clicking with the mouse on the carpet number, simply press the key in sequence on the keypad Canc, then type the Number, and finally press the key Enter, usually located to the right of the Delete key.

Roulette Turbo Clicker will place the bet exactly as if we had clicked with the mouse on a number of the carpet of the program.

Roulette Turbo Clicker: now col automatic gearbox!

Thanks to the request of a player now Roulette Turbo Clicker comes with a new option Auto Switcher.

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In practice, if the live casino you play at alternates the direction of rotation of the roulette or ball at each spin, checking the new option D.Switch as in the figure, after each bet the program will automatically change the direction of the sector pointed from clockwise (clockwise) to ccwise (anticlockwise).

Roulette Turbo Clicker: the Free Bet Mode

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Why focus only on sectors of roulette?

Thanks to the request for two players, I made the new release available to everyone 2 important news.

The first is the option 'Stay on top': if the Roulette Turbo Clicker it is covered by that of the casino because your desktop resolution is not sufficient to contain both, by checking this option Roulette Turbo Clicker it will always stay in front of any other windows you have open on the desktop.

The second and most important novelty is the new mode Free Bet.

In this panel you can select as many numbers as you want (which will turn green) and pressing the key Bet the clicker will immediately point to your selection.

But that's not all, if the group of numbers you bet is always the same at each spin, you can also enable the option SpaceBar Bet.

At this point, instead of clicking with the mouse on the Bet key each time, to bet you just need to press (I recommend, only once!) The space bar of the keyboard and that's it!

In addition to being able to select the numbers you want to bet at each spin, you can also prepare 12 lists to use at the right time!

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With Roulette Turbo Clicker you can in fact manage up to 12 lists of numbers to bet, you can use them individually, but also at the same time!

Let's immediately see the keys present in this new panel of the Free Bet Mode:

Show / Hide Lists: this button shows or hides the view of the 12 lists; in practice, if you use a few lists and remember which number from 1 to 12 they are associated with, you can also hide the lists and tick the number corresponding to the list of numbers you want to point to, in this way the software will take up less space on the desktop.

Reload Lists: this button reloads / updates all lists. Important: must be pressed every time you modify a list and save it, because it must always be reloaded into memory. Furthermore, every time you start the program the lists must always be loaded pressing this key.

Select Lists: this button confirms your selection. In practice, you check the list number from 1 to 12 (you can also choose more than one) and by subsequently pressing this button the numbers of the carpet turn green (which means that they are the ones to bet). At this point you just have to click on the confirm button Bet to actually target the selection.

Edit Lists: if you want to modify one or more lists of numbers to bet, you just have to check the list number from 1 to 12 you are interested in and press this button. The list will open in the classic Windows Notepad and you can edit it as you wish. After making the necessary changes, close the file by replying Si to the save request on exit. Remember that after each modification of a list you must absolutely press the button Reload Lists to update the lists.

Lists Folder: this key opens the program folder which contains all 12 lists in text file format. The files can all be edited as content, but absolutely not to be renamed. In the folder you see all 12 files, you can then edit them as you wish and, once closed and saved, the key must always be pressed Reload Lists to update the lists in the program.

Also in Free Bet Mode it is possible to use the NumPad as in the Sectorial Bet Mode, but in this case the selection with the keypad does not point the number directly, but only selects it, as if clicking on the numbers of the program carpet when they turn green, in fact once the selection is completed, to bet actually these numbers you still have to click on the button Bet, if necessary it can be replaced for convenience by the space key on the keyboard if the relative option has been checked SpaceBar Bet.