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thatsluck support faq

I downloaded a software, but I can't use some features, why is that? The programs are downloaded for free, some are completely Free, others must be activated with a code. To know how to get a activation code read the page Shopping Faq.


►I have lost the activation code of a software, can I request it by email? The activation codes are contained in the Kindle manuals sold on Amazon, the request must then be sent directly to Amazon support.


►I downloaded a software but Windows warns me that it could be dangerous, why? The programs of ThatsLuck they are all safe and 100% virus free, not having the certificates required by Microsoft to not display these warnings (these certificates are paid), it may happen that the first start of the program appears the warning also known as "smartscreen".



In this case, just click on the item "More information" and then on "Run anyway".


►My antivirus detected a trojan in the program, why? As already written before, all programs of ThatsLuck they are 100% virus free. However, being compressed with a compiler that compacts the executables to reduce their size and therefore speed up downloads, it happens that some free antivirus (especially Avast) generate a false alarm, blocking or completely deleting the file from the computer. In this case I recommend changing the antivirus. it is safe, certified and verified. NO contains Trojans, spyware, viruses or other components that can harm your computer. If you click on the following link you can check the security report generated for from Google Transparency Report.


►After starting a program this error message appears, why?



All programs need an active internet connection to work, this message error 1784 indicates that the network connection is missing or too slow, check it and try to start the software again.


►Can I use a program on my Mac? The programs of ThatsLuck - unless otherwise specified - are encoded as 32/64 bit Windows executables. The answer is therefore no, however I cannot exclude that using a Windows emulator for Mac they can safely work.


►What are the minimum requirements to run the programs? They are as follows: PC with Windows 7 or higher operating system, 2 GB of ram, screen with minimum resolution 1366 × 768.


►A roulette program that I downloaded and activated does not click as it should on the casino game table, how can I fix it? This could depend on various factors, however both the solution that almost always works is to start the program "as administrator". To do this, just click on the executable file with the right mouse button and choose the option "run as administrator". Another thing very important is that the program folder is located on the desktop and never in the root of the main hard disk (usually C :), where, for example, the Windows folder is also located.


►I have two computers and a laptop, can I use the program on all my PCs? Yes of course, if you want you can also transfer it and start it directly from a USB pendrive on the PC you prefer.


►I don't have the reader for Kindle ebooks, how can I read the book to find the activation code? If you use a PC or a Mac, you can download Amazon's free app for your Pc / Tablet / Smartphone both iOS and Android.

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