The Crazy Climb

The Crazy Climb: a Videogame for online Roulette!

With this new project I propose you a real novelty in the field of play: a Videogame to play and win online roulette!

Two progressions to try to beat live roulettes and variations lightning o Quantity!

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Roulette Videogame: what is it all about?

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This is the first video game roulette that I present, is a video game that automatically interfaces with the roulette table to increase the player's enjoyment.

Since there is no system to mathematically beat roulette in the long run, the only certain thing is that the player can win a lot, but only in the short term, which casinos know perfectly well and is the only thing they fear.

So be aware that any method that proposes you to increase your bet every time a shot is lost, in practice it does nothing but make the casino win your money, while if the bet is increased when the shot is won by the player, in practice part of the money won at the bank is put back into play.

Why do all the sites that recommend playing at casinos give away miraculous systems based on the martingale?

The answer is simple: the more money the player loses, the more money they earn with the affiliate commission. That's all.

How to use The Crazy Climb?

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The software for roulette The Crazy Climb try to win using two game modes, one related to the classics live roulette with the payment of the winning number 36 to 1 and the other dedicated to Lightning or Quantum roulette, where the payout for the winning number is only 30 to 1, although there is the possibility of winning some bonuses thanks to a multiplier of the winnings up to x500.

As for the first mode, it is a question of increasing the bet almost with every shot won and to increase our chances of winning, the standard progression also involves increasing the amount of numbers bet on each spin.

The Standard version provides 11 levels and at each level the amount of numbers to bet increases, also increasing our chances of winning the level.

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The standard progression starts from one unit per number, then nineteen units are wagered at the first level, up to a maximum of seventeen units at level eleven, which in case of victory guarantees a total win of 650 units!

To give more strength to the player's cash, almost all levels even in the event of a loss provide for the winning of some units.

Winning at Quantum Roulette!

The second progression is very different, it is based on 6 levels, as for Lightning (or Quantum) roulette the goal is not to reach the highest level, but to be able to make the greatest number of bets, trying to keep our cash in balance, this to try to increase the our chances of winning a bonus number, in fact, the maximum multiplier of this roulette is up to 500 times, so we have the chance to win up to 1000 units when we target two units at level 4 or 6 of the Lightning progression.

Caution: these are not real roulette, they are actually very similar to slot machine, so it is important to establish one Stopwin, which can be when we win a bonus number, or if we manage to win at least the 50% of our initial Bankroll.

So if for example we start a game with 100 units and manage to get to 150, it is good to stop and try to play again another day.

The last recommendation is that of never play rng roulette, but only for live ones with a real dealer, automatic roulettes are not good either, for those the same rule applies as for Lightning or Quantum ones.

The Crazy Climb: the Setup

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The setup of the table is carried out as you have already seen in the videos of my other programs, everything is very simple, in fact, just activate the option "Spacebar Turbo Config”And placing the mouse cursor on the individual numbers, you can press the space bar and automatically enter the coordinates for the bets.

Very important is the option "Mouse Click SpeedIn fact, if you see that the program is not able to bet all the numbers or units required for each level of the progression, increase this value to 50, 100 or 150 or the one that is best for you.

If you play the standard progression, at level 11 there are 17 units to bet on each number, so it is very important to verify that the program will actually be able to bet all units.

To solve the problem in this case there is the option called "Heavy Bet”, Where you can manually enter the number of units to bet after selecting them on the game table.

logic de roulette, roulette software, software para la roulette, रूले सॉफ्टवेयर, ル ー レ ッ ト ソ フ ト, 轮盘 赌 软件

If you are playing with basic units of 10 cents and you have to bet 10 units per number, instead of betting 10 times on each number, you can activate the option and select a 1 euro unit on the game table and after clicking on the triangle automatically the program will only bet one 1 euro unit for each issue.

I remind you that this is a calculation that must be done mentally and quickly, so it is certainly much better if you can find tables that allow very fast bets, like the one I found on the live casino of the site that appears in the video on YouTube.

Use the pc keyboard

At each level it is also possible to use only the computer keyboard and then you can bet on the numbers by pressing the key Enter on the numeric keypad and mark the shot won or lost using the keys + o - on the numeric keypad.

Please do the tests first, in the program there is the possibility to check the functioning of the various keys, just check the option "No Bet”, In this case no bet will be made and you can try all the keys to check the progress of the progression.

Very important: never change the progression type during the game, but only before starting a new game.

Finally, with the button at the bottom left (the camera) you can save in the subfolder "Screenshots”All the pictures of your best winnings and please send one to me too!